5 Bench Top Products Every Commercial Kitchen Needs

Finding the right commercial kitchen equipment – especially as a butcher – is often a lot more challenging than most people expect right out of the gate.

For starters, you have to consider very real space constraints.

Every single piece of equipment you bring in is going to take up space that other pieces of equipment could have used, but will also cramp and constrict workspaces in commercial kitchens and butcher shops where space is already at a real premium.

On top of that, though, you have to consider your budget as well.

The best benchtop commercial kitchen equipment is always going to do double duty (if it’s not even more versatile than that), providing you the most value for your dollar going forward.

Truly great benchtop butcher equipment (like the pieces we highlight in just a moment) aren’t just going to be functionally useful, either. They allow you to put on a real show for your customers and clientele, helping them to file deeper connection with the products that they are purchasing – something that helps to separate butcher shops from the meat counter at a local supermarket or grocery store.

Having the ability to take a primal cut of beef, for example, and break it down into the exact portions and exact finished cuts that a client wants is a huge competitive advantage in today’s market. But it also lets you entertain, educate, and thrill your customers at the same time.

Talk about a win-win!

Let’s jump into our five picks for the best commercial kitchen equipment Sydney butcher shops will want to get their hands on right now!

A Bandsaw

Plenty of folks immediately think of woodworking and construction when they think about a bandsaw, but this is one of the most flexible and adaptable cutting tools you can have in your meat cutting operation.

On the functional side of things, a quality bandsaw is going to allow you to order much larger sides of meat that have yet to be processed and broken down (usually at a significant discount from your supplier).

You’ll be able to break those larger sides down into custom cuts as well as “over-the-counter” options you always have on hand, but with the right bandsaws you can put on a show while processing the meat you have for sale (like we highlighted just a moment ago).

And while there are a lot of options to pick and choose from in the commercial kitchen equipment industry, it’s hard to argue with the Sirman bandsaw lineup.

With a couple of different options (ranging from countertop style units to standalone systems of varying different sizes), these bandsaws are razor-sharp, lightning fast, and incredibly safe pieces of equipment your chefs and prep cooks will fall in love with almost immediately.

The work surfaces are all made of stainless steel (super easy to clean and maintain), the mouth of these bandsaw blades is oversized to let you cut larger portions, and the blades are so sharp (and the motor so fast) that you can slice and dice through bones and meat effortlessly – even if your proteins are frozen!

Combine that with the classic, clean, and almost elegant design and engineering of these bandsaws and you have really functional pieces of kitchen equipment you can put on countertops out front, in full view of your customers, to make a very dramatic impact while you process the custom cuts of meat they want specifically.

The Sirman SO 1650 F3
The Sirman SO 1650 F3


Unsurprisingly, the slicers from Sirman are top shelf pieces of hardware your butcher shop can make great use of as well.

Made of anodized cast aluminum alloy materials (for the most part, anyway), these benchtop machines have razor-sharp blades that can be moved and adjusted to slice and dice almost any thickness imaginable.

Adjusting these blades is very easy, and the actual carriage mechanism that carries the slicer blade through your ingredients slides on self lubricating bushes and pens for a starter free experience.

There isn’t a butcher shop customer on the planet that doesn’t love to see a quality slicer in action, either. There’s just something about the way these perfectly engineered pieces of equipment rock back and forth, creating perfectly uniform slices that give your customers a real thrill.

A sharpener assembly is built right in to guarantee that your blade stays razor-sharp no matter what, particularly useful when you’re looking to cut razor thin slices of cured meats like prosciutto, for example.

Because you’ll have the ability to adjust the RPMs of this slicer you can crank it up to move through softer foods and ingredients with no ripping and no tearing, or you can drop the speed down a little bit to avoid singeing or “toasting” meat you’re cutting, too.

Each of the Sirman models include a robust blade guard system and pusher unit that helps keep your kitchen staff safe and protected while running these benchtop machines, too.

They are super easy to clean, very easy to maintain, and “workhorse” pieces of equipment that you’ll find your team using more frequently than you might have originally considered!

The Sirman MIRRA 300 Y09
The Sirman MIRRA 300 Y09


The beautiful thing about the tenderizer equipment from Sirman is that it is designed to quickly and almost effortlessly tenderize any meat or protein that you are working with (including proteins as delicate as lamb) without destroying or tearing the actual meat fibers of the protein itself.

That’s a huge advantage for these pieces of Sirman commercial kitchen equipment compared to other options on the market that are known to abuse the ingredients and product you run through them.

At the end of the day, regardless of which of the Sirman tenderizers you choose (and there are two models available right now for commercial kitchens) you’re going to end up with a benchtop piece of equipment that works quickly, relatively quietly, and produces fantastic results in almost no time at all.

The end result is perfectly tenderized meat that you’ll have total control over, meat that never loses its appearance or its aesthetics – usually important when you want to deliver something delicious and attractive to your customers!

The Sirman Drake
The Sirman Drake


Mincing meat is something that most home cooks don’t look forward to (for obvious reasons), which gives you a real competitive advantage as a Sydney based butcher operation if you handle this “heavy lifting” for them.

Luckily, Sirman has a lineup of super high quality mincers you can use to not only offer this service to your clients – but that you can also station out front (near your meat counter) so that they can see this equipment in action, too..

Engineered to make quick work of all your mincing needs, these machines are absolutely effortless to use – even without a whole lot of training. Capable of making quick work out of pretty much any protein you can imagine, these mincers are efficient, foolishly easy to use, and dropdead gorgeous all at the same time!

At the end of the day, regardless of what you’re trying to mince up in these machines all you really have to do is drop the ingredients into the mouth of the mincer and allow it to go to work, producing perfectly minced ingredients that rollout of the exit shoot maybe 10 to 20 seconds later.

It doesn’t get a whole lot easier than that!

Plenty of commercial kitchen equipment Sydney based operations find that they are selling more of this kind of equipment than ever before, and it’s not hard to see why.

Sydney butcher shop owners want to improve efficiencies, cut down on food costs, and make sure that their team is able to produce top-quality results with their mincers without spending a lot of time running through this process by hand each time a customer requests minced meat.

If you’re on the fence about whether or not mincers can really improve your operations have a look at the Sirman lineup. They produce quick, consistent, and reliable results while looking fantastic!

The Sirman TC 32 COLORADO
The Sirman TC 32 COLORADO


Even if your butcher operation usually deals with whole cuts of meat and proteins, the odds are pretty good that you’re always on the hunt for ways you can use your cutoffs and “scraps” to maximize your profits – and that’s where ground meat, sausage, and other mixtures come into play.

Well, it’s impossible to pull off those kinds of products that can significantly boost your profit margin while cutting down big time on your waste without quality mixers on hand.

Unsurprisingly, Sirman has you covered here as well!

The Sirman line of mixers take advantage of intelligent belt and gear driven systems that provide the speed and strength modern mixers need to handle the kinds of ingredients your butcher shop team is going to be dumping into them.

Easy to clean, easy to maintain, and easy to repair, these mixers are built to last and are likely going to become permanent fixtures on your bench tops.

All of these options are also variable speed options, allowing you to change speeds on-the-fly (even during operation) – and that’s going to be a major boost to your productivity, too.

Each of the Sirman mixers also has plenty of horsepower “under the hood” to produce results faster, but also to guarantee that they are capable of handling thicker and stiffer mixtures of ingredients compared to options that have less power and less torque.

These machines include “comfort features” like smart bowl lift systems, intelligent bowl guards to keep things in the mixer itself, and easy to use controls that anyone can master in no time at all.

If your operation has any use whatsoever for a professional grade mixer, the Sirman line of options is well worth a consideration.

The Sirman IP 10 M

Closing Thoughts

At the end of the day, finding the perfect pieces of commercial kitchen equipment to outfit your business need not be the headache and hassle it is for so many other butcher shop owners.

In fact, by choosing to use products from the Sirman line of commercial kitchen equipment you’re going to be able to dramatically shortcut the decision-making process – all while still getting great pieces of equipment at fantastic prices, too.

If you’d like more information about any of the five must-have options we highlighted above, or if you’d like to learn about other Sirman commercial kitchen options (including used commercial kitchen equipment available at a discount), we can help!

Just drop us a line at (02) 9792 7700 when you have a spare moment and will be able to walk you through all of the Sirman commercial kitchen solutions available to find the ones that make the most sense for your needs and your budget.

You can also come by our showroom located at 10 Amour St, Milperra NSW 2214, Australia if you’d like to see this equipment in person. We understand plenty of business owners like to get hands-on with the equipment they are thinking about before they take the plunge, and that’s definitely something we encourage.

Contact us today for more details!