Ebaki Meat Slicer Products Offer Faster Workflow On The Processing Floor

If you have been wondering how to improve efficiency within your production floor, Ebaki’s range of horizontal slicer products are ideal. At Lumix Procut, we have more than one Ebaki industrial slicing solution. Our Ebaki product range is of top quality and will offer serious time savings when you are slicing meat for further processing, retail sales, chicken schnitzel products and food service clients. You will save yourself time and manpower when you implement an automated solution to your meat slicing needs and the workflow on the production floor will become more efficient.

Ebaki horiztonal slicers are capable of handling 400KG to 6T of meat per hour, depending on the machine. Meat is loaded onto the conveyor belt manually, and the blades attached to the machine will do all other work. You can select from one balde up to 5, depending on the amount of slices you want and the size of the primal portion. With the Ebaki heads you can set the blades up for even portion slicing every time. If you have high volume of multiple specifications. Including slicing chicken breast in half, slicing into 3 pieces for chicken steaks or butterflying. You can select a machine with up to 3 lanes and have each lane designated to each specification.

When it comes to cleaning, Ebaki is designed to handle the pressure cleaning of a meat processing plant or production kitchen. They are easy to disassemble and reassemble. And can be hosed down as required.

If you are looking to purchase an Ebaki horizontal slicer for use in your processing facility or butcher shop, contact Lumix Procut today on 02 9792 7700. We are open to take your call from Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm. We have commercial meat slicers for sale all over Australia, so no matter where you are, we can get your new Ebaki meat slicer to you quickly. Trust in our reputation as a supplier of high-quality meat processing equipment used in a variety of different circumstances.

At Lumix Procut, we provide a wide range of service solutions designed specifically for the food processing industry. Please contact our experts to find out more about our Ebaki horizontal slicers or to ask any questions about our other food processing products. Our friendly staff look forward to hearing from you soon.