Heavy Duty Horizontal Slicers Cater To High Meat Demand

Increased demand for Australian meat requires the use of heavy-duty equipment in commercial kitchens. The Australian poultry market is primarily domestic, with only approximately 3% exported overseas.  Making sure there is enough delicious chicken for the needs of hungry consumers requires due preparation in the kitchen. Consumers need freshness and high food availability from chicken retailers at all hours. Heavy duty horizontal slicer machinery is capable of a wide range of tasks that can be used to meet the needs of hungry customers. We discuss the above in this blog.

Australian Poultry Market

Australia’s chicken industry requires the slaughter of close to 700 million chickens each year. This produces approximately 1.3 billion tonnes of chicken each year. This has increased by 100 million chickens and 300 million tonnes of chicken produce in the last decade. Chicken is affordable, high-quality, increasingly innovative and consistent. These factors and perpetual chicken marketing are what has made the food increasingly popular since the retail market was conceived 50 years ago.

Consumer Requirements

The high cost of living in Australia calls for consumers to eat affordably. The price of chicken has remained approximately consistent since 1994, whereas beef, lamb and pork have drastically increased in price. Innovation in chicken cuisine means consumers are able to eat fresh, affordable chicken prepared in unlimited ways. Occupational health standards require consistent serving of high-quality chicken that is fresh because the negative health effects of eating stale chicken are known. Chicken is available in supermarkets, from fast food outlets, restaurants and franchises. These businesses need a range of distributors to cater to high market demand.

Heavy Duty Horizontal Slicer Machinery

Chicken distributors may benefit from purchasing EBAKI horizontal filleting machines. These machines are able to prepare chicken in a range of different ways for use by chicken retailers. These heavy-duty horizontal slicer machines are capable of filleting, portion slicing and butterfly cutting meat and poultry for butchers, medium-size processors and large poultry plants. The EBAKI 3 slicer can fillet up to 6000kg per hour. The EBAKI mini can process 400kg per hour. The range of EBAKI products can cater to increasing consumer demand for retail chicken. The EBAKI machines high capacity can balance human error, which is all too common in the meat processing industry, with automation. Even unskilled workers can use the machines.

Buy From Lumix Procut

Lumix Procut supply EBAKI machines direct from Spain to Australian retailers. We also provide regular maintenance schedules where we can. You may purchase after sales care, service and spart parts replacement and ensure your machine keeps up with the staggering increase in demand in the Australian chicken market. Lumix Procut are available to sell you heavy duty meat processing equipment, via telephone, Monday to Friday, 8:00am to 4:30pm. Call us on 02 9792 7700 to buy it now.