High Quality Bandsaw And Handsaw Blades Now Overstocked

Lumix has been a supplier of high quality bandsaws and handsaws for use in the food industry for over 20 years. We have recently restocked a significant volume of Atlanta bandsaw and handsaw blades. The blades are useful in a range of different applications, including: cutting thicker meats containing light bone, general meat and fish processing and carcass splitting. We have a product for every need in the food processing industry and stock several varieties of bandsaw and handsaw blades from Atlanta.

Atlanta Sharptech is an industry leading manufacturer of blades and frames used in the food processing sector. Their blades are sharper than the industry standard, last longer and give far cleaner cuts than anything else available on the market. Atlanta blades reduce food waste with their precision and ensure minimum downtime that would otherwise be spent replacing or cleaning blades. Lumix FPS has been a supplier of Atlanta Sharptech blades for a long time and offer the cheapest price possible on bandsaw and handsaw blades.

Our premium bandsaw and handsaw blades are appropriate for a range of professional environments. Butcher’s shops and large processing plants can benefit from a high quality blade that stays sharp and doesn’t crack. Our bandsaw blades are suitable for use in both multi and single blade bandsaws. Our handsaw blades are sharp and stylish and are undoubtedly the best on the market. Both blades are made from the finest stainless steel and have absolutely no problem sawing through meat, gristle and bone.

Our quality bandsaw blades come in the following lengths:

3810mm 3600mm 3500mm 3290mm
3220mm 3200mm 3150mm 3086mm
2971mm 2870mm 2570mm 2490mm
2425mm 2020mm 2000mm 1650mm

Depending on your situation, we have a replacement part to suit your needs. Check out our products page for detailed product specifications.

Our handsaw blades are available in the following lengths:

444mm 508mm 559mm


Our handsaw frames are available as per the blade lengths listed above.

For all orders, contact the Lumix FPS sales team today. Our friendly team are happy to take your call between 9:00-5:00pm Monday to Friday. We can discuss your needs and bulk pricing for you, our client. Trust in our tenure in the food business and the premium quality of the products we advertised in this post when ordering replacement parts for your food processing business. Call Lumix FPS on (02) 9792 7700 to place an order today or to ask any questions about our product range.