How Automation Improves Food Industry Processes

The food industry has historically relied on hands-on processes for effectiveness. This results in inconsistencies when human errors cause problems. Specialised software and hardware can be used in the food industry to improve processes within labor, quality control, branding and management sectors. Automation can also be used via specialised equipment to improve compliance with government regulations which control food safety and handling. Automation can help with efficiency, scalability and quality control. At the end of the day, automation can help food businesses achieve better results with fewer workers. 

Increases Efficiency

Increased efficiency is one of the most desirable benefits of using automation within a food processing business. When used correctly, automation can help a business move faster with a higher level of quality than if it only employed human workers. For example, an industrial oven with integrated belt systems allow for larger-scale food production to take place in a smaller area. These devices require less human management and direct contact with food. The more automation a business employs, the fewer points of direct contact and potential delay, variability, or downtime it creates. 

Improves Traceability

Traceability is one of the most significant safety mechanisms within the food industry. Automation coupled with analytics can help food businesses keep track of produce from the farm all the way to the dishes on which it is served. This is a crucial way to ensure safety requirements are met; particularly during times when disease within livestock or human populations is prevalent. 

Data from tracing software can also identify inefficiencies within supply chains and weed out unnecessary expenses. When every point of the food supply chain is traced, inefficient processes can readily be observed and removed. Problems within the supply chain, like slow loading and unloading of trucks, can similarly be identified with the click of a button when automation software is in use. The cause of such problems can therefore be eliminated before long-term problems can take root within business operations. 

Brand Image

Automation can also help you improve specific aspects of your company’s image. For example, if you want to show your customers that you have a sustainable operation, you can use automation to increase the environmentally-friendliness of your kitchen. 

Improves Workplace Safety

While automation cannot replace safety-trained workers, it can significantly improve workplace safety. Automated hardware can perform tasks which are dangerous, repetitive or require monitoring and which may be subject to problems when human errors occur. For instance, a continuously operating dicer and slicer could handle cutting tasks which would be difficult for a human to perform for a long time with a high degree of quality. Automation within food processing can therefore save on costs which are used to handle injuries or provide safety training. 

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