How To Improve Productivity In Your Commercial Kitchen

Working in a commercial kitchen requires staff to adapt to one of the fastest, high-pressure environments in existence. There are dangers abundant everywhere: from high-temperature flames, sharp knives and large volumes of equipment contained in a small, confined space. Working in a commercial kitchen requires navigating around a large team, fast turnaround on food items and high-quality requirements. All of these factors undoubtedly result in some level of stress and can cause injury to staff if not managed correctly. Risks can be effectively mitigated, though, by providing a workflow layout optimised for efficiency and safety. In this article, we discuss some tips to improve productivity and safety in your commercial kitchen.

#1 Minimise Movements Per Task

The number one way to improve efficiency and safety within a commercial kitchen is to allocate zones for each task. Kitchen equipment required for each task should reside safely within its respective zone. Zone allocation reduces the need to travel unnecessary distances to achieve one task because everything needed to complete that task is in the same place. Time savings can be palpable and risk of injury negated by allocating specific areas for specific culinary tasks within a commercial kitchen.

Modular appliances, like those supplied by Lumix Procut can ensure an efficient kitchen layout which minimises the chances of injury occurring. Kitchen equipment supplied by Lumix Procut can be easily placed in its allocated zone and will save space and time while always producing food of a high quality.

#2 Clear Pathways

As equipment and foodstuffs are delivered to a kitchen, it’s important to ensure that all pathways are clear from obstruction. By removing tripping hazards you improve the safety rating of your kitchen and make sure chefs, support staff and serving staff do not sustain injury. Flooring must be checked regularly for discontinuities such as loose tiles, poorly-laid tiles, surprise stairs or cables laid on the floor. Finally, modular equipment should always be kept at a straight angle with all the front edges aligned. Kitchen staff who have experienced trauma following a bump with a sharp corner can attest to the necessity of keeping appliance edges straight.

#3 Good Preplanning Produces Effective Layouts

Managers working in commercial kitchens will undoubtedly have a preferred layout and may be hesitant to consider new commercial appliances they are not familiar with. However, it should be considered that modern innovation in the commercial kitchen space can assist with zone division, faster cook times and efficient use of space while maintaining a high-quality product that patrons will love. When you purchase from Lumix Procut you take advantage of the most-recent innovations in culinary technology. Our modular food preparation appliances fit snugly in your commercial kitchen and will save you time during food preparation.

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