Licoswiss Mincer Plates and Blades Always In Stock

The Lico brand was established almost 90 years ago, in 1934, as a family business by Albert Liechti in Switzerland. The business specialized in the manufacture of stainless cutting apparatus used in meat mincers. Lico knifeholders with exchangeable blades and the stainless hole plates were put on the market to a great reception.

After 1948, the business continued with the sons Bruno and Martin Liechti, and distributors were put in place all over Europe. The name “Lico” became synonymous with mincer plates in the meat production sector.

Since 2008, the business has been run by third generation family and registered as “Licoswiss Michael Liechti”. The brand enjoys huge success on the market today. Production has been restructured and some parts outsourced. With the company Sembeil SA in Lyon, a strong partner in the production of the hole plates was found.

Licoswiss exports a wide range of Licoswiss mincing plate products to 90% of the world. In addition to Licoswiss, they supply Dadaux to France, Bizerba and TALSA in Spain and LASKA to Austria. We loyally service butchers and meat shops who need premium cutting equipment of fine quality in their workshop with fine Licoswiss products.

Lumix Procut is the sole distributor of these high quality mincer plates and blades Australia wide and across New Zealand. We have just received a shipment of brand-new Licoswiss Mincer Plates and Blades. This means we’re ready to meet your needs no matter what your mincer cutting plate requirements are. We have a variety of hole sizes available, ready to meet your plates and knives specifications for all mincer grinders.

Our small company enjoys sole proprietorship. We are very flexible with your order and we continually provide good service to our clients.

All our complete range of mincer parts are made from stainless steel in France and Germany. While “Swiss” made, our raw plates are French and our castings, German.

Contact us about our knifeholders with exchangeable blades and the necessary spare parts. The system with the spare blades is very cheap to acquire. The hole plates can be used much longer before needing to be regrinded. This is because the blades are much softer than a strong, solid knife.

We created LUMIX in 2017 to provide the industrial food industry with high quality, value food processing machinery it needed. From January 2020 Lumix acquired Procut Australia and now will be trading as Lumix Procut. Procut Australia has been in the industry for 46 years providing food processing equipment and spare parts for meat, poultry and butchery industries.

The Lumix Procut team are available between working hours 8 and 4PM Monday to Friday to take your call. We will happily answer any questions you have about our Licoswiss mincer plates and blades. We take all bulk orders and can deliver shipments all across the country.