Prime Cutting Tips For Butchers – Protect Your Plates And Knives

  1. Never run grinder dry! A dry plate and knife can heat up to a red hot 982 degrees within three minutes. Always have meat in the hopper and lubrication on the plate and knife edges. (Use food grade grease which LUMIX PROCUT has in stock)
  2. Replace worn feedscrew stud! A worn stud allows irregular rotation of the knife against the plate surface and permits the tips of the knife bars to strike the aligning pins on the grinder head. The results arte mashed meat and eventually a broken plate and knife. Also replace worn pins – they cause similar problems.
  3. Never overtighten the end lock nut! This only creates excessive friction and heating which eventually lead to plate and knife breakage and possible damage to the grinder. If your meat is being mashed, replaced the plate and knife with sharp ones.
  4. Clean frequently and thoroughly. Be sure to remove all meat build up from the plate surface and edge and also from its seating area on the grinder ring so it will fit perfectly. Clean threads on the head so the end ring will tighten easily by hand. Then, before operating, always lubricate plate and knife with food grade grease or meat fat.
  5. LICO SWISS plates and knives are manufactured with utmost precision and care from the highest quality materials available at LUMIX PROCUT.