The Benefits of Vacuum Packaging Meat Products for Butchers and Food Industry Pros

While not standard industry practice yet, vacuum packaging meat products is the smartest packaging method for several reasons. It preserves great taste, provides substantially longer storage life, and it’s easy when you have a vacuum sealing appliance such as those found at LUMIX Procut (food processing solutions)

LUMIX Procut focuses mainly on the industrial food and meat industry, but it also offers vacuum packaging machines for food service, restaurants, caterers, and small butcher shops. LUMIX Procut is committed to providing the best food equipment solutions to the meat processing industry to make its customers highly productive and profitable. 

Both commercial-grade and industrial-grade vacuum sealing appliances are available on the market today. 

Ranging from countertop to floor-standing models, there is a perfect size vacuum sealer available for anyone who wants to preserve or freeze meat in the best way possible to keep it tasting fresh and safe to eat for many months at a time–up to 6 months! Let’s look at a few of the appliance benefits…

Commercial kitchen models and benefits

Face it. Money always comes to mind when buying and storing meat, especially great cuts of beef like steak! So, a vacuum sealer is a great way to put your mind at ease, as it extends the meat’s shelf life and saves you money. No more tossing sirloin into the trash because you forgot to cook it in the first three months after freezing it.

Vacuum sealing meat is different from regular plastic bags or containers because it removes all of the air, thus preventing freezer burn. Freezer burn lets the meat absorb water which changes the flavor of the meat for the worse.

Another plus is that that the air-tight seal allows your meat to maintain its natural flavor and juices, so when you thaw it out, it tastes like it’s fresh from the butcher. You and your loved ones will be pleasantly pleased.

Getting yourself a vacuum sealer will save you time and money. First, you can make fewer runs or orders for meat because you can buy portions in bulk, knowing that you can store them perfectly safe for a long time at home. You can also seal meat in single portions, so you can thaw only as much as you need for any given meal.  So, a couple of the best small vacuum sealers are models like:

  • Boxer 62: Stainless steel, easy to clean, fast vacuum speed, transparent lid, and digital control
  • Jumbo 35: Stainless steel, easy to clean, fast vacuum speed, transparent lid, and digital control. Despite the name, it has a bit smaller pump capacity than the Boxer 62, but it has a faster vacuum cycle by about 15 seconds.

Industrial models and benefits

All of the same benefits set forth above apply to the larger vacuum seal machines for industrial and commercial butchers, meat suppliers, and meat sellers. Even heavy-duty sealers with double chambers are available from LUMIX Procut. 

Additional benefits for industry pros to consider

  1. Safety:  A manufacturer or wholesaler of food and meat, in particular, food safety is of the utmost importance. You don’t want to put out to market anything that could cause consumers illness. With vacuum sealing, most of the oxygen is removed from the packaging. This means that chemical reactions caused by oxygen that make food spoil are exponentially reduced. Moreover, the seal stops dangerous bacteria from building up on the food. 
  2. No need for additives:  Because vacuum sealing meats protects fats from going rancid, the meat will retain its healthy, fresh color from butcher to table. It’s hard to sell meat when it looks unappealing. Plus, you don’t need to pay the cost and deal with the hassle of adding preservatives. The meat is naturally preserved.  
  3. Marinaded products:  Since many purveyors of meat sell pre-marinated, packaged meats like seasoned olive oil chicken breasts or teriyaki steaks, vacuum sealing is a must-do! Who wants to buy flavoured meat where the flavour is only on the bottom or most of it pours out when the bag is opened up? No one! Sealing with a vacuum appliance holds the marinade in the food, so the consumer can enjoy the fullness of the offered flavour. 

Act now!

Get the advantage over other butchers, grocers, caterers and meat industry producers by immediately purchasing a great vacuum sealer. It’s obvious how much it can do to set your company apart from others and save you some money in the process.

Just like food service, professionals in the meat product industry will be able to freeze their products for many months before having to sell them or dispose of them. This will surely add to the financial bottom line of the business. Also, by selling quality, tasty food, you will gain more customers and amazing word-of-mouth

If delivering the products unfrozen, vacuum airlock sealing will still make the meats’ shelf lives much longer than old, traditional plastic wrapping, making your product much more likely to be bought by retailers or direct consumers! 

So, don’t wait. Check out the industrial/commercial vacuum sealers offered by LUMIX Procut, including these top sellers:

  • Polar 80:  This on is especially great for red meats; single chamber; heavy duty; offers optional gas-flushing feature; digital controls; ability to separately program each of the two seal wires; stainless steel. This machine is ideal for butchers and catering companies. 
  • Polar 2-75:  Double chamber machine with easy swing lid makes it easy to move the cover from one side to the other without having to lift it to get it moving; industrial/heavy duty for larger meat product companies; stainless steel exterior; digital controls with 10 programs that can be individually set plus time controls. 
  • Titaan 2-90: Two-chamber large, heavy duty machine; comes with advanced digital control with sensor, and two internal conveyor belts which allows for less hands-on manpower (a money saver in terms of employee wages).
  • Marlan 52:  Easily programmable, gas flush model; single chamber with a transparent lid; this is a ideal for smaller companies with less product output than those requiring the Polar 2-75.

NOTE:  ALL of the above models are made with advanced technology including a smart design for reliability and easy use of their advanced control panels. There are four points of technology that are particularly useful:

  • Time control–You can set the length of time for the packaging cycle. The appliance then stops extracting air as soon as your selected time is reached.  
  • Sensor control–Rather than a time, you can set the percentage of vacuum you want. Like the time control, the machine will automatically cease air extraction when the pre-set percentage has been attained.
  • Liquid control–Since wet products like meat reach a boiling point during the vacuuming process, the machines discussed above have a sensor to detect the level of evaporation the entire time and stop the machine’s air extraction right before the conditions cook start “cooking” the package contents. 
  • Control panels–as alluded to above, users can program the packaging process by choosing the control panel that meets all of their particular needs. At Lumix Procut, you’ll find an array of machines that offer four different panels.

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