Diptank 200 A


Automatic platform with conveyor belt.

Digital temperature control.

Pneumatic movement.

Stainless steel housing.

Optimal hygiene.

Maximum loading capacity: 30 kg.

Machine dimensions: 1170 x 1700 x 1350 mm.

Chamber dimensions: 575x1098x200 mm.

Emersion depth: 200mm.

Dip time: 3-5 seconds.

Cycle time: 22 seconds.

Power: 23 kW.

Voltage: 400V-3-50Hz.

Compressed Air consumption 50l/min 6 bar.

Fully insulated.

Vapor exhaust ø125 mm, equipped with built-in fan.

Water drain 2”.

Automatic water level control.

Built-in lime scale protection.

Automatic Diptank 200

Usable space (L x W x H): 575 x 1098 x 200 mm.

Machine dimensions (L x W x H): 1170 x 1700 x 1350 mm.

Machine cycle: 22 sec.