Emsens ESA01 Automatic Meat Skewer Machine Now Restocked

Lumix Procut has recently restocked our supply of Emsens ESA01 automatic skewering machines. These are high quality products manufactured by Emsens in the Loire region of France. We have a steady supply of these machines that are perfect for use in butcher’s shops, delicatessens, kebab shops and other restaurants.

Manufactured with only high quality steel and plastic components, these machines help business owners and chefs save time in the kitchen. When skewered kebabs are on the menu, consider enlisting the assistance of Emsens ESA01 machine.

The machine works automatically to puncture a mixture of meat and vegetables with wooden skewers. The machine can process 250kg of produce per hour, making it a serial time saver in all hospitality environments.

By automating your skewering process, you enable your kitchen to save time on food preparation. No longer will you have to spend hours individually threading kebabs with meat and vegetables. You will save time and energy, and therefore expense, by purchasing a Skewering Machine from Lumix Procut.

The machine works by puncturing produce contained in a plastic container with wooden skewers from below. The skewers are threaded manually into a series of holes contained in the plastic container. The skewers are unable to snap in half regardless of the force applied by the moving parts of the machine’s skewer press. This is because they are cased in metal tubes that reach all the way through the meat.

Food produce is placed in the plastic container before the skewering process begins. After the produce has been threaded with a skewer, it needs to be cut manually using a sharp knife. The knife is inserted into the plastic box via holes contained in the edges of the container and the produce is cut with a downward sawing motion.

With 64 kebabs skewered at once, this machine saves hours of time that, historically, has been spend threading meats and vegetables with wooden, plastic or metal skewers. The machine comes with several differently sized capabilities. 23mm, 27mm and 31mm section kebabs, weighing in at 100g, 130g and 170g, respectively, can be punctured with a skewer balanced on the machine’s press mechanism.

The benefits of the ESA01 Skewering Machine are manifold and include:

  • It is easy to use: One person operating a single skewer tube assembly can produce 40kg of kebabs per hour. Two or three people can easily produce 250kg per hour using multiple skewer assembly tubes.
  • The machine is easy to move: Emsens’ ESA01 Skewering Machine only takes up less than 1m2 on the floor and is therefore easy to move around if you work in a dynamic kitchen environment.
  • It is easy to clean: The ESA01’s design takes into consideration food industry constraints. It’s easy to dissemble and components exposed to food can be washed very simply by a commercial dishwasher or by hand.
  • It includes the possibility to produce various sizes of kebabs: This is achieved by use of multiple, different sized skewer tube assemblies.

Contact Lumix Procut today if you are in the market for a skewering machine for your hospitality or catering business. We can supply the Emsens ESA01 all over Australia and provide a manufacturer’s warranty on all machines purchased through our online store. We’re available between 8:00am and 5:00pm Monday to Friday and are always happy to take your call when you’re ready to place an order. If you have any questions when you call, please ask our friendly team. They are always happy to help you select the product that fills your needs best.