Innovative and unique machine for working the bellies, in series and in a single and homogeneous passage.
Central belt in extractable AISI 304, protection in polycarbonate, ideal safety during work. 
Front and rear belt in extractable food material for optimal cleaning of the machine.
Reclining unloading belt to transfer the product from the machine to the work surface.

4 swivel castors with brake

20 7-pointed blades with 50×25 pitch mounted on a pneumatic system to adapt to the product surface

Drilling system that rotates 90 ° during washing


Panel with touch-screen controls to manage all the processing parameters

Possibility remote system

Saving and viewing of daily and monthly work


 Power Power (Kw) 2.5
Power Source power supply (V / Hz) 230/400


Hourly output / h (Kg / h) (360) pcs. from 60x60cm
Height max. Work Working height max (Mm) 150
Belt width

Conveyor belt width

(Mm) 600
Reels rollers (No.) 5
Blades blades (No.) 20 with 7 points
TO (Mm) 2000
B (Mm) 1100
C (Mm) 1500
Net Weight Net Weight (Kg) 310