Lakidis Meat Processing Machinery Improves Production Workflow

Lakidis meat processing machinery has been available for use in the meat production industry since 1965. Lakidis operates out of Greece and supplies the world with the finest food processing machinery available today. Lakidis S.A. disposes of one of the strongest corporate profiles in the field of food processing machinery production, with many production codes, personalized innovation solutions, as well as a dynamic and continuous presence in both the Greek and the global market.

Lumix Procut has recently begun to stock Lakidis meat processing machinery for commercial supply in the Australian market. We have stock ranging from frozen meat cutters, mincers, mixers and skinning machinery manufactured by Lakidis. These products offer significant opportunity to streamline food processing workflow in commercial and industrial food supply chains. The task of preparing meat on the bone for human consumption becomes increasingly easy when you employ Lakidis’ machines.

Indeed, the entire production workflow becomes more efficient when you employ machines to do the work usually required by a team of knife wielding chefs. Simply throw in your meat from the abattoir and watch it become separated into chunks, ground into mince, mixed into a pate or skinned for use elsewhere in the kitchen!

Lakidis Frozen Meat Cutters

Lakidis stocks several varieties of frozen meat cutter that speed up operations in the commercial kitchen. They are capable of processing 3,000-5,000kg of frozen meat on the bone per hour, making them efficient solutions for frozen meat handling requirements in the food industry. Frozen meat can be inserted into the machines at temperatures ranging from -18-15◦C and will be diced into manageable portions for use elsewhere in food preparation.

Lakidis Meat Mincers

Meat mincers are useful for creating mince out of solid meat chunks produced by a Lakidis frozen meat cutter. When mince needs to be prepared for use in the kitchen, these machines are capable of getting everything ready for the chefs. 2500kg of meat can be minced per hour by this equipment.

Lakidis Meat Mixers

After your mince has been prepared, it’s sometimes necessary to mix it with another type of meat. Whether this function is appropriate all the time will depend on your menu. Lakidis’ meat mixers are effective solutions in any case and operate quickly within a commercial kitchen setting – they can process 450kg of meat at any one time.

Lakidis Meat Skinners

Finally, Lakidis meat skinners can be used to remove skin and gristle from animals being consumed in the food industry. Animals can be placed in the skinner and have their skin removed quickly and with minimal waste for use elsewhere in the kitchen. Food preparation becomes quick and easy when you employ machinery created by Lakidis S.A.

Buy Lakidis’ Meat Production Assembly Today

If you are looking to streamline food production in your commercial kitchen, please feel free to contact Lumix Procut today to discuss any orders necessary. We are able to supply Lakidis machinery all over Sydney, so no matter where your operation is located, we can supply you. Regardless of whether you need one machine or the entire production assembly, call us on 02 9792 7700.