Marlin 52


Standard with 2 seal bars (left-right): 2 x 520 mm.

Optional without extra costs: 1 seal bar (front).

Standard double seal (two wires).

Optional without extra costs: Cut-off/Wide seal.

Seal bars easily removable for cleaning and maintenance purposes.

Pump capacity: 63 m3/h Busch vacuum pump.

Pump maintenance and cleaning program.

Machine cycle: 15-40 sec.

Standard Soft Air to protect the product and vacuum bag.

Standard Digital control with 10 program memory and Time control.

Deep drawn stainless steel vacuum chamber and a transparent lid.

Comes with insert plates for a faster cycle and product adjustment.

Stainless steel exterior.

Floor model vacuum packaging machine standard with 2 seal bars:

Chamber dimensions (L x W x H): 520 x 500 x 200 mm.

Machine dimensions (L x W x H): 710 x 695 x 1025 mm.

Seal bars (L): 2 x 520 mm.

Pump capacity: 63 m³/h.

Machine cycle: 15-40 sec.