Spare Parts & Products

Lumix provide parts and products for the meat and food processing industry.


Blades and Cutting Tools

  • Cut-off blades
  • Grid blades
  • Skinner Blades
  • Mincer plates
  • Mincer cutting tools
  • Bowl cutter knives
  • Splitter blades
  • Full and half punches and knives for cross cutting stations
  • Bandsaw blades


  • Air separator filters
  • Oil Filters
  • Air filters for vacuum pumps. Brands include Busch & Becker


  • Food Grade Oils and Lubricants
  • Vacuum pump Oil


  • Lico Swiss
  • Pappas
  • Hall Industry
  • HT Barnes
  • Thompson machinery
  • LUMIX PROCUT brands

Seals and Gaskets

Door Strips

LUMIX supply PVC Strip Curtain Doors for the food and meat processing industry, to whatever your application requires.

Including; Coolrooms, Freezers, dry rooms for Temperature control and pest control.

PVC widths include:

  • 100mm wide for cool rooms and general use  
  • 150mm wide heavier duty
  • 100mm wide RIBBED PVC for durability  
  • 150mm RIBBED for Commercial & Industrial applications
  • 200mmx3mm PVC Industrial.

We also supply cut to size PVC strips for replacement on existing strip doors ( of any kind)

Vacuum Chamber machine

  • Sealing & cutting wire
  • Teflon Tape
  • Adhesive 10 thou with liner
  • Adhesive 6 thou