Tenerife 2003 – E

• High performance machine, ideal for high volume production
• Designed to be inserted in a production line (but it can also be used alone)
• Protections made of AISI 304, with safety guards
• Conveyor belt made of single component polyurethane to avoid absorption of liquids and odours
• Photocell detecting the passage of the product
Touch-screen to control the machine functioning and set up and store many types of processing and other parameters:
• Number of hits on the product with stopped belt
• Product feed in relation to the head from 1 to 7 mm
• Memorization up to 20 programs, that can be recalled in every moment
• Machine failure visualization
• “Bypass” function, in case of machine inserted in a production line where tenderizing is not required
• “Washing” function, that allows the belt to turn with open guards but with stopped head, for an easy safe cleaning
• Machine life timer, signaling remaining processing hours and maintenance to be carried out
• Easy removable belt, just making it slide along the guides, partially articulated to release tension for an easy internal cleaning

Power (Kw): 2,2

 Power Source (Kw/Hz): 230

 Output/h (Kg/h): 1512

 Number of strokes (N°/m): 60

 Height max (mm): 150

 Working Plate (mm): 500

 Blades (N°): 71

 A (mm): 850

 B (mm): 1800

 C (mm): 2000

 Net Weight (Kg): 300

 Net Weight (mm): 882x2050x2250

 Gross Weight (Kg): 450