The line includes : preparation stations in line and of various lengths according to the quantity of staff filling the moulds. Each operator introduces one or various layers of ingredients. The last operator controls the filling of the mould and possibly its weight (it is possible to have a station equipped with a scale at the end of the line).
The machine KAP allows to introduce automatically the skewers into the skewer tube assemblies before positionning it onto a mould full of meat with its lid.
The mould + its lid + the skewer tube assembly are transferred thanks to a roller conveyor and a tilt/lift device to the loading station of the machines EAB01 and ELB01.
At the end of the cycle, the operator takes the mould to the demoulding station and put the empty skewer tube assembly and the lid of the moulds next to the machine.
Kebabs are taken out of the moulds, the emptied moulds are then put onto roller conveyors in order to be sent back to the preparation stations.

Skewering kebab line “High Productivity”

EMSENS production lines are easy to clean because of their design which takes into account the constraints of the food industry.
EMSENS productions lines are optimized as regards the ergonomy of the working station in order to reduce the repetitive gestures and movements of the operators.
EMSENS design motorized conveyors including modular belts with the possibility to incline the moulds when filling them or pressing them….
We are also offering roller conveyors with no motor, in this case, the moulds must be pushed by hand or take advantage of the tilt elements.

The productivity depends on the quantity of staff, the organization of the line, the tools and the technical features of the kebabs to be produced.
This material is in conformity with the following directives and bills :
Food contact : EC1935/2004
Good manufacturing practice : EC2023/2006
Machines : EC2006/42 CEM : EC 2004/108