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    Machine designed to dice bacon stripes out of bacon pieces at a temperature of about -12°C . The loading capacity of the machine is 700…



This machine allows the individual knotting of bowels with a string made with cotton or/and cotton-polyester after stuffing. The knot is a capstan type knot. The knotting…



EMSENS designed a machine to put an elastic net automatically around food products. The cycle of this machine is completely automatic. The net used could be stored…



WATCH A VIDEO The TPC02 has an automatic dispenser for cylindrical wooden skewers. Many ingredients can be used such as meat, fish, vegetables, fruits and other processed...



Machine designed to dice Lardons out of cylindrical blocks composed of reconstituted meat. Technical features of the raw material: – Diameter from 80 mm to 120 mm…


Polar 80

FEATURES Standard with 2 seal bars: 760 mm (front), 510 mm (right). Other seal bar configurations available for free (front-back, left-right) Standard double seal (two wires). Optional...