Ideal tenderizer machine for processing large cuts of meat.
Entirely built in AISI 304, the parts in contact with the food are in AISI 316 and Teflon for food. The blades work the product without having to turn it (they reach 1mm dak flat), thus having a side without marks.

– Transparent polycarbonate protection
– Particular blade release system that does not pressure the product
– Drawer blade block
– Adjustable release pressure


Power Power (Kw) 1.5
Power Source power supply (V / Hz) 230-400


Hourly output / h (Kg / h) (1530)
Number of shots Number of strokes (N / m) 60
Height max. Work Working height max (Mm) 150
Blades blades (No.) 65×9
TO (Mm) 950
B (Mm) 750
C (Mm) 1120
Net Weight Net Weight (Kg) 150