IS 8 X Sausage Stuffer

IS 8 X UnloadedIs 8 X DisassembledIS 8 X Loaded


The IS-8 Sausage stuffer’s body is made from stainless steel. It’s gearbox and gears are made from galvanised steel and ground and tempered steel. The product includes the following features:

– An AISI 304 S/S body and cylinder.

– Nylon pistons with air exhaust valve for pushing contents into skins.

– A galvanized steel gear box for durability.

– Ground and tempered steel gears for durability.

– Gears sliding on 4 bushings to provide custom products according to your situation.

– 2 speed gear reducer for customised operation.


– 3 nylon filling tubes to improve efficiency.

– A fixing clamp to hold everything in place during operation.

IS 8 X Specifications