SO 1550 F3










– Simple and sturdy machine: safe and easy to use.

– table-top model; cast anodizedaluminium alloy contruction, polished, hygienic and rustproof.

– cutting table, meat pusher and meat pusher in stainless steel AISI 304.

– 24V controls with safety codified microswitches on the door and motor brake (according to new CE safety rules).

– Maximum blade adhesion to the pulley, thanks to the semi-curved shape of the pulleys and ideal adjustment.

– Watertight bearings on upper pulley.

– Easy cleaning thanks to 2 special manufacturing details:

1) all the electrical parts are located below the cutting table (IP X5 waterprotected);

2) by simply unscrewing two knobs, you can remove the blade, upper pulley and its support.

– 16 mm wide tempered ring-blades useful for cutting bones or meat (frozen or fresh).